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The Mortality Club

It's Good that We Die

Death is a scary thing to contemplate. Images of the grim reaper are designed to terrify, not to console. It is no wonder that so many horror movies include dark cemeteries as the place where terrible things happen to good people. A belief in Heaven, or life everlasting helps mitigate against the terror, but rarely alleviates it entirely. And yet, it is good that we die.

If death were not the consequence of failing to take care of our bodies, we would become slothful and unhealthy, and spend all of eternity feeling poorly. We would be like a sick, old person condemned living in a state of decay forever. Consider T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land. The epigraph refers to the story of Sybil. She requested and was granted eternal life. Unfortunately, she forgot to ask that she be allowed to remain forever young. She aged and became decrepit. Not knowing what else to do with her, the townsfolk put her in a basket and hung her over the town square. For a thousand years, they listened to her moan, “Let me die. Please let me die.” And yet they could do nothing to help her.  Read More 
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Sharp Dressed Seniors

Increasingly, older men and women are fighting ageism by refusing to tone down their dress code to meet the expectations of those who believe that aging bodies are not worthy of dressing up in bright colors or the latest fashions. These sharp dressed seniors find that dressing up makes them feel better about themselves and life in general. It gives them a boost and an outlet for exercising their creative urges. And, it gets them noticed. It’s a highly creative way to fight the feeling that as we age we become invisible.  Read More 
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